Pinless Calling

Keep it simple with Apela - no PIN required when you register your home phone or mobile device. Just pick up the phone and dial!


  • Low rates anyone can enjoy
  • Fast international dialing features
  • Multiple call options (choose from our features below)
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Australia Mobile Calling Services



International calls made just like local calls. Assign your contacts U.S. numbers and call them with one click.

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Speed Dial

Save your access code and international number in one contact entry. Then click the contact to call.

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2-Digit Dial

Assign two numeric digits to your favorite international contacts. Then press those keys to connect.

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Direct Dial

Use our Direct Dial service on any device. Talk anywhere and avoid high roaming fees while you travel.

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Use Our Dialing Service

NOTE: If you do not know your access number, visit your online account to get it.

NOTE: In order to use this “PINless” Dialing Service, your phone number must be verified. This service will not work if you have made your cell phone number appear as private.